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Song off my upcoming album Clouded Judgements dropping 4/20/2014
Produced By tunnA Beatz - Filmed & Co-directed by Jnine , Directed , Edited , Recorded , Written & Mixed by Hush - LYRICS BELOW

im a madman maniac crazed with the rage that i lace on a track watch out for the fake
get a blade in your back from your so called friends everything i dos at my own expense
thats why every rhyme feels so intense i hope for succes but dont hold my breath
i guess im alone and stressed but no regrets on this road i trek

if you try to talk to me with no respect ,you can suck on my dick till ya throat is strepped
nah suck on my dick till ya broke ya neck if you think you spit gross , then im grotesque
you betta grow some test-icals befo i test this teslas coil
electric volts you bout to get a jolt - bzz - leave yo head in smoke

stay dope and i blaze potent , im grenade holding while im flame throwin
ill melt yo plastic jewlery like (Cough cough) thats chain smokin
my brains focused my veins bulgin on stage showin thats my fangs foamin
so i hit em with insidious venom just a little bit in em , then hes finished and its GAME OVER

arcade closer , you aint winnin try to get my prize betta save tickets
when i make writtens its grave diggin , fuck math class i make digits
only graff that i look at is that graffiti with my name drippin
i stay sicknin cuz you praise killin .. like celebratin thanksgivin

Ooooh - they say that im insane
they say that i am crazy , got a monster in my brain
they call me a hellraiser with a bloody razor blade
ima underground king , comin from the grave
Ooooh - they say that im insane
they say that i am crazy , got a monster in my brain
they call me a hellraiser with a bloody razor blade
ima underground king , comin from the grave - oh

how you gonna diss when theres never been a better made
what you gonna call me homie .. what... emineMGK?
oh my god your so original i say fuck yall with no subliminals
high off medical purple indigo hydro mixed with biochemicals

im so lit , im highly flammable my mechanical mind
can plan it all , i designed - the rhymin manual my fist fly like pirate cannon balls (BANG)
im a cannibal thats why my mandible got these animal fangs
and i got ya juggular vein UH

you aint nothin but a bunch pussy's on the rag wanna act like you in a gang
till i put you in a trash bag like a homeless person tryna not get splashed by rain
and these rappers wearin skirts , so really how you gonna claim thug
when i bet you at the gay club , singing along to "Same love"

what you wanna criticize till i hit you in the eye with a rhyme in the nick of time , what you blind?
im the illest guy alive that never got signed feel the vibe im divine like im livin in the sky
cloud nine on the grind and im lookin outta my space , make you thank god you alive like its friday
get up out my face or ima set you straight and ya neck is gonna break if you lookin at me sideway

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