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Видео опубликовано 09 Jun 2020 в категории Музыка

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From the 5-tracks EP "Seize" by Maniac Address.
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In your land
You are born in ignorance
Rock and sand
Are all you have ever known
they want you
Cause You are devoid of any moral sense

Come little boys And take a blade
You have a place in the parade
Doesn’t matter What side you’re on
they got a job for you all
No pledge no flag no rules

You’ll be a man
If you murder your parents
A servant
If you spread the horror thru the hills
A soldier
If, all at the same time, you can dance and laugh and kill

Doesn’t matter What side you’re on
they got a job For you all
Come little boys
And draw your sword
A Weapon of choice better than words
No pledge no flag no rules

Slaughter’s done
They don’t need you anymore
But from the hills
Survivors call for vengeance
Come and join
And drag your people into endless violence

Doesn’t matter
What side you’re on
To you, it’s just Entertainment
You don’t really care
If they don’t provide
A real cause to fight for
No real cause to fight for

weaponized kids

Desecrated into weaponized kids
Perverted into weaponized kids

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