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Let's step into the universe of Dark Earth: an ambitious 1997 action-adventure game by Kalisto Entertainment. Part true adventure game, part action/thriller, with strong influences from Alone in the Dark (shared by the popular Resident Evil).

Though we only saw the PC game state-side, this was prepped to be a massive franchise, with two editions of a tabletop RPG released in France, a tie-in novel written, and multiple cancelled sequels and spin-offs, with a TV show with Ridley Scott, a movie deal with Steven Spielberg attached, and even an animated cartoon in the works, but never finished.

In this longest episode of Not Forgotten yet, we'll explore what made this setting and game so compelling, and why we should remember it, lest it be forgotten.

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3:29 - Foundation of Kalisto, inspirations of Dark Earth
9:32 - The gritty and engaging atmosphere of Dark Earth
13:11 - Dark and light mood mechanics/temptation
18:23 - Kalisto's other projects and its closing, future of the franchise



Dark Earth soundtrack composed by Frédéric Motte

'Archetype' by Anno Domini Beats
'Casual Desire' by Ugonna Onyekwe
'Northern Lights' by Chris Haugen
'Apocalypse' by SYBS
'Aurora Currents' by Asher Fulero
'Elegy' by Wayne Jones
'White Hats' by Wayne Jones
'Forest of Fear' by Aakash Gandhi

Stock music licensed through Audioblocks



Adventure (1979)
Zork I (1980)
Secret of Monkey Island (1990)
Alone in the Dark (1992)
Dark Earth (1997)
Resident Evil (1996)
Nightmare Creatures (1997)
Grim Fandango (1998)
Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen’s Odyssey (1997)
Flashback (1992)
Maniac Mansion (1987)
King’s Quest VI (1992)
Pac-In-Time (1995)
The Fifth Element (1998)
New York Race (2001)



Twinsen’s Odyssey gameplay by Teske’s Lab |
Flashback gameplay by Retrogaming Computing |
Maniac Mansion gameplay by Mike Shade
King’s Quest VI gameplay by John Wolfe |
Pac-In-Time gameplay by 1upTVGames |
Grim Fandango gameplay by CuteFloor |
The Fifth Element gameplay by chiliconcomrades |
New York Race gameplay by ColdheartDunther |
Cold Fear gameplay by SweepersTonyAndNox |



Thanks to Guillaume Le Pennec for taking the time for an interview and clarifying many points about the game's development and the studio's history.





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