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Видео опубликовано 09 Jun 2020 в категории Музыка

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stuck in a cage, turning the page
i'm feeling okay but i still feel the rage
everyday is the same shit
i don't wanna do any fake shit
debated on taking a break
but i gotta wait and create
cuz i know i'm made to be great
and they'll never take that away

Never go away, heart aches
Feeling out of place, look at my face
wanna be erased,
I just wanna say,
Will I be better?
no matter the weather
The second I fear, feeling like I wanna be here
Locked up ina cage,
Filled up with rage,
Feeling so hated
I wanna just make it,
they wanted to take it.
They only debated
they Wanted to follow the darkness uh,
Outta the heart she heartless uh,
She Wanted to follow my conscious uh
so fucking tired
I don’t even know,
Stuck on this flow and I’m Ready to go

soul caged, all I can sense is my soul raged
all I can sense is the rage as my soul fades
my mind only dwells in the dark shades
she loves it when her skin touch the blade
a better place I shoulda made
maybe I shoulda stayed in my own lane
is it just me that can feel the pain?
god damn, maybe it's just a game that I made
i'm so afraid, everything that I've done
was for you to be pleased but in the end
I was left with nothing but myself
I've come to the thought
all I ever needed was you and I..

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